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Inspiring Combo+ characters you need to know

Discover series and films from Disney+ and Star+ featuring determined and fearless women

March is the month to celebrate women! This Wednesday, the 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated, and in honor of the date, Combo+ separated a list with inspiring characters present in Disney+ productions and Star+, so you can marathon and honor great women. Check out!

1. MERIDA (Brave)

Where to watch: Available exclusively on Disney+

Merida is a skilled archer and a daughter determined to forge her own path in life, challenging an ancient sacred tradition of the realm. In the movie “Brave” (2012), she will have to use all her skills and resources to undo a terrible curse before it’s too late.

2. RAYA (Raya and The Last Dragon)

Where to watch: Available exclusively on Disney+

Raya is a lone and brave warrior who embarks on a journey to find the last dragon and save the kingdom of Kumandra. The young woman shows that strength and bravery are fundamental to being an excellent warrior.

3. CAROL DANVERS (Captain Marvel)

Where to watch: Available exclusively on Disney+

In “Captain Marvel” (2019), former Air Force pilot and intelligence operative Carol Danvers pursued her dream of space exploration as a NASA employee, but her life changed forever when she was accidentally turned into a human-Kree hybrid. with extraordinary powers. Carol is the latest warrior to embrace the mantle of Captain Marvel and has taken her place as one of the world’s most powerful heroes.

4. FRIDA KAHLO (Frida – Viva La Vida)

Where to watch: Available exclusively on Star+

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. Through art, Frida intensely told her story, her physical pain, her miscarriages, the tragedy of love and betrayal, and her political commitment. After her death, she became a pop icon that would attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to exhibitions dedicated to her, as well as inspiring books, comics, music, movies and even fashion shows. In the production “Frida – Viva La Vida” (2019), the public sees Frida in real life and how much energy and vitality run through her paintings, even when they portray pain and suffering.

5. MRS. AMERICA (Mrs. America)

Where to watch: Available exclusively on Star+

“Mrs. America” tells the story of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (EDI) in the United States and the unexpected conservative backlash led by a woman named Phyllis Schalfy, known as “the darling of the silent majority”. The series exposed how one of the biggest culture wars of the 1970s helped bring about the Moral Majority and changed the political landscape forever.

6. JUDY GARLAND (Judy: Behind the Rainbow)

Available exclusively on Star+

With her career down, Judy Garland (Renee Zellweger) agrees to star in a tour in London, even though such work keeps her away from her younger children. Upon arrival, the singer faces loneliness and known problems with alcohol and medication, making up for what went wrong in her personal life with dedication on stage.

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