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In the video, Elizabeth Bourne struggles to defend women’s pension reforms in front of a hostile assembly

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 24, the Prime Minister tried to calm down the contradictions in the National Assembly when asked by the MPs about pension reforms and punishing women. However, he had difficulty hearing himself.

The Prime Minister referred to the issue of women. Hotly contested in the National Assembly, Elizabeth Bourne on Tuesday sought to end controversy over the impact of pension reforms on women, promising to “reduce” inequality with men, while her minister Frank Rister admitted that they: “will be fined a little”.

“I cannot allow it to be said that our project will not protect women. On the contrary,” she said during a questions-to-the-government session in response to Socialist MP Melanie Tomin, who estimated that women would be “punished more severely” by moving the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Ms Bourne, a long-time wanderer on the left benches, assured that the reform would reduce “unacceptable inequalities between women and men at retirement”. “We protect women who have incomplete and unstable careers, women who started working early, women who have a small pension,” she insisted. “Women will be the first beneficiaries of the revaluation of small pensions,” he added. “The reform will contribute to the reduction of pension differences between men and women”, said the head of the government, condemning the “false trial”, but adding that he hopes that the parliamentary discussions will give an opportunity to “continue to enrich the project”. .

The controversy stems from a study released on Monday billed by the government as an impact study of the reforms. It shows that the latter will encourage women to extend their careers more than men, while helping to reduce the pension gap between the two sexes.

On Monday, the executive initially seemed uncomfortable justifying these impacts. Women are “a bit penalized by delaying the legal age, we absolutely do not agree”, thus assured the minister of relations with the parliament, Frank Rister. “Quarters of one child do not play on the delay of age, they play on the duration of the deposit,” he explained. “It’s a journey,” sighs the minister’s adviser.

In opposing the legal age delay, the left did indeed immediately apply Mr. Rister’s words. “Even the government finally admits that women will be “penalized” by delaying the age. The more days pass, the more everything shows the injustice of this project,” tweeted the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure.

“Obviously, Macron is disappointed. listen, we couldn’t have said it better,” exclaimed MEP La France insoumise Manon Aubry. “What!? Women, who have more troubled careers and lower wages than men, risk losing out on increasing required contributions and delaying the retirement age, what a surprise!,” left-wing economist Thomas Porcher still scorns on social media.

In response to the wave of criticism, Renaissance spokesman Loic Signor felt opponents of the reforms “do not want to fix the current system… And yet it widens the pension gap between men and women”. “Our reform will finally reduce them. We assume that. And we’re even proud of it,” he tweeted.

In the video: Women’s Forum. meeting Elizabeth Bourne

Source: Le Figaro

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