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‘Saturday Night Live’ Jokes On ‘The Black Lotus’ Where Guests Can’t Get Away With ‘Tude’

“Saturday Night Live” spoofed the second season of “The White Lotus” in an Italian resort with black staff who don’t degrade the guests.

In an “SNL” promotional trailer, “The Black Lotus” promises “all the decadence, all the intrigue — none of the silliness” and describes “guests who have it all and a staff who’ve had enough.”

The sketch opens with a tearful Chloe Fineman in a portrayal of Jennifer Coolidge actor Tanya McQuoid’s angry character.

When Michael Imperioli’s character “Dominic” asks the staff at the Black Lotus office to make sure his “escorts” have access to his room, Ego Nwodim shouts from across the room, “Hey William, get these whores a room free”.

When Dominic asks him to lower his voice, Nwodim repeats, not softly, “William, do you see this man right here? He didn’t come with anyone, so he wants these guests to come and go as they please. Everyone,” he adds to the people in the lobby, “treats these whores like they’re normal people.”

After Sarah Sherman’s version of Tanya’s assistant Portia asks for a car to take off with a crazed mobster, Nwodim tells Kenan Thompson, “He’s going to kill her.”

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