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The mining industry fears the rising cost of electricity transmission

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A significant increase in tariffs for the transmission and transmission of electricity will lead to the loss of Ukraine’s position in world markets, the media said in the extractive industry association.

A significant increase in tariffs for transmission and transmission of electricity, announced by Ukrenergo, will lead to the loss of Ukraine’s position in the world market and will be a blow to Ukrainian industry. This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Executive Director of the National Association of Extractive Industries of Ukraine Oksana Orinchak.

According to him, businesses are already suffering from rolling blackouts: some factories and other industries have simply suspended their activities.

“Also considering the lack of normal supply chains, all this leads to the loss of markets, because not all customers agree to wait for their orders for 2-3 months. So , Ukraine is replaced in the markets. And then a logical question arises: why should companies pay the increased tariff?” Orinchak said.

He added that now every Ukrainian company is trying not only to keep teams at work and pay salaries, but also to help the Armed Forces. At the same time, these companies do not have access to donor funds, while Ukrenergo does.

“There are many funds in the energy sector. And Ukraine receives significant financial assistance from them, which can be used – these funds are aimed at energy assistance for our country,” Orinchak stressed.

It was previously reported that Ukrenergo introduced a 273% increase in the tariff for power transmission and 84% for power transmission in 2023, which caused serious concern among metallurgists, the Federation of Transport Employers of Ukraine, as well as also representatives of the Ukrainian National Committee. of the International Chamber of Commerce.

After that, NEURC agreed to increase tariffs for electricity transmission by 51% and transmission by 356% for 2023.

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