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Israelis are activating their Kurdish networks in Iran

The thread is convenient for the regime: the riots are the work of Israel and the American Great Satan, who is blowing on the fire. “It is a great exaggeration to think that the rebellion is Israel’s fault, but it is also naive to believe that the Mossad is not trying to save the Kurds, whom they know well.”to trust Figaro a French intelligence agent familiar with the region.

“It is a historical fact that foreign governments have interfered in the internal affairs of Iran, and Iran has interfered in the affairs of other countries.”, confirms Ali Alfone, a researcher at the Gulf States Institute in Washington. According to him, “Of course, the regime is happy to condemn the separatist threat (especially in Kurdish, editor’s note) trying to convince the nationalist middle class to stay home rather than overthrowing the regime by undermining Iran’s territorial integrity.”

If it’s hard to know which…

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Source: Le Figaro

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