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Agreed to release from Ukraine eight vessels with grain

Four ships will depart from the port of Pivdenny and two from Chernomorsk and Odessa. Overall, 129 export flights have been completed.

From three Ukrainian ports on Wednesday, September 14, eight more ships will depart, taking almost 240,000 tons of food. It was reported to the Joint Coordinating Center (JCC) in Istanbul.

So, dry cargo ships depart from the port of Pivdenny:

  • Ince Akdeniz, which will deliver 55,000 tons of wheat to Bangladesh;

  • Eider S, which will bring about 51,000 tons of corn to Spain;

  • T-Med, which will export 5.5 thousand tons of wheat to Turkey.

At the same time, Chernomorsk will leave:

  • Cenk Car with 257 tons of sunflower seeds and sunflower cakes to be delivered to Turkey;

  • Glory Dina, which is going to Turkey with 27,000 tons of wheat.

Finally, the ships depart from Odessa:

  • Maranta, which will deliver 5.3 thousand tons of soybeans to Italy;

  • Tamrey S, which will export to Italy 18.1 thousand tons of corn, 5.5 thousand tons of soybeans and 5.4 thousand tons of wheat.

In addition, according to SKC, on Wednesday the ship CPT Dimitrios S will depart from the port of Yuzhny in the direction of Spain, whose departure has been postponed by one day. The dry cargo ship will export 56.8 thousand tons of corn and 8543 tons of barley.

“In total, on September 13, 2,872,711 tons of food were exported from Ukraine. 129 export flights were made, 153 ships arrived at the country’s ports,” the Center calculated.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry predicted that in November Russia will try to disrupt the grain agreement.

In the United States, an increase in wheat and corn yields is predicted in Ukraine

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Source: korrespondent

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