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Mariupol defenders are ready to de-blockade, but they need equipment

Photo: nationalcorps.org

The Azov Regiment said they could not get through to the top leadership to allow them to organize an operation to de-blockade the city.

The Ukrainian military in besieged Mariupol said they had enough people to deblock the city, well, they needed equipment and aviation. This was announced on Wednesday, April 13, by the commander of the second battalion of the regiment of the SOF Azov Kyiv Dmitry Kukharchuk, the National Corps reported.

“Unfortunately, all our attempts to contact the top leadership to allow us to organize an operation to deblockade Mariupol remain mere attempts. We have mobilized those who are willing participated in this operation, but, unfortunately, we have insufficient amount of equipment, we do not have aviation support, which does not allow us now to somehow influence the situation, “said Kukharchuk.

According to him, the Azov Regiment defends Mariupol “despite human capabilities, doing so in a way no one in the world can do.”

Kukharchuk also noted that Mariupol’s defenders are taking on the weight of Russian troops, as enemy forces around the surrounding city are more than 14 times. According to him, if this group of occupiers does not belong to Mariupol, then, of course, it will be transferred to other places – Nikolaev, Kharkov, Dnipro or Zaporozhye.

Recall that the other day in Mariupol, sailors left the siege and joined Azov.

Earlier, the Office of the President said they had information about the situation in besieged Mariupol and they were doing everything to help the Ukrainian fighters.

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Source: korrespondent

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