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Birth rates have fallen dramatically in developed countries

Birth rates have fallen dramatically in developed countries

Photo: Reuters (file photo)

The total fertility rate has decreased from 3.3 children per woman in 1960 to 1.5 children in 2022.

Fertility rates in some developed countries around the world have fallen sharply and are likely to remain low due to economic problems. This was stated in a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), reports Reuters.

Many reported choosing to have children later or not at all.

“Both young men and women are increasingly finding meaning in their lives outside of parenthood,” the report said.

The total fertility rate has decreased from 3.3 children per woman in 1960 to 1.5 children in 2022.

“Although developed countries have a range of policy options to support families, the economic costs and long-term financial uncertainty associated with having children continue to have a significant impact on the decision to have children. a parent,” said Stefano Scarpetta, Head of the OECD’s Employment, Labor and Social Affairs Directorate.

A particularly low total fertility rate was recorded in Korea – 0.7, as well as in Italy and Spain – 1.2 children per woman. The highest rate was recorded in Israel – 2.9, in Mexico and France – 1.8 each.

The average age of women giving birth increased from 28.6 years in 2000 to 30.9 years in 2022.

When comparing women born in 1935 and 1975, the percentage of childless women doubled in Estonia, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

The pressure to be good parents, which means spending time raising children, also encourages young people to delay or avoid starting a family, the report said.

“Qualitative evidence from Europe suggests that an important reason why some women under 30 decide to delay having children is because they do not believe they can live up to the idea of ​​motherhood,” another one of the findings of sociologists.

Earlier it was reported that a draft demographic strategy until 2040 was developed in Ukraine.

Demographic crisis: what rescue plan do officials and scientists propose?
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Source: korrespondent

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