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Prepared to blow up military equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: a Ukrainian detained in France

Image: Reuters (archived image)

A man originally from Donbass is being held in northern France on suspicion of being part of a terrorist organization.

A 26-year-old citizen of Ukraine and Russia is being held in France on suspicion of participating in a terrorist conspiracy and planning an explosion. This was reported by Reuters, citing sources in the anti-terrorism fiscal office.

Investigators suggest it may have been a Russian spy who wanted to attack French army equipment intended for Ukraine.

A 26-year-old man originally from Donbass was detained in the municipality of Roissy-en-France in northern France on suspicion of being part of a terrorist organization.

A man has been arrested after he accidentally detonated acetone peroxide – an explosive – while trying to make a homemade explosive device. He was first taken to the hospital and later taken into custody.

During a search, materials intended for making explosives were found in his room at a hotel located near Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Law enforcers seized money, fake passports and small arms.

The detainee was charged with participating in a terrorist criminal organization with the purpose of preparing crimes against people and illegally possessing explosives for the preparation of a terrorist attack.

We remind you that earlier in Poland, law enforcement officials detained a 26-year-old Ukrainian who was suspected of inciting another to spy.

The head of the General Staff of Moldova is an agent of the Russian Federation. Waiting for work
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Source: korrespondent

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