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The artist apologized for his emotional speech about demobilization

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The former deputy defense minister said he himself was embarrassed by what happened in the air, but he continued to insist that demobilization was impossible.

Ukraine’s former Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Malyar, who was recently involved in a scandal, apologized to MP Inna Sovsun, whom she reduced to tears on television during a discussion about demobilization.

He published an apology post on Facebook on Monday, April 15 – four days after the broadcast. The artist said he “had no moral right to react so emotionally.”

“I was upset by the fact that the people’s representative Inna Sovsun abstained, that is, did not give her a vote for the law that is important for the country (in mobilization – ed. But this does not justify the I apologize to the representative of the people’s group Voice of Inna Sovsun, this is a difficult test for you and thousands of Ukrainian families whose relatives serve in the defense forces.

At the same time, he reiterated that “no state demobilizes its troops in time of war.”

“If the demobilization decision is made now, then in the spring of 2025 we will have a clear loss of position, and we will have to mobilize more people than is happening now and the number of deaths will increase significantly because of lack of fire in such a mass,” emphasized Malyar.

So, he apologized for the annoying appearance on April 13 on television, where he quarreled with Sovsun over the demobilization of the military.

The deputy tried to note the importance of demobilizing the military and noted that his wife had been fighting “at zero” since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

The painter continued to interrupt Sovsun and repeated that demobilization was impossible.

“And when he went, he knew the Constitutional standard that demobilization was impossible until the end of martial law?” – asked the ex-deputy minister.

Malyar continued to emphasize that the Constitution contains the corresponding provision, so the military personnel should be prepared for such a development of events.

After that, Sovsun started to cry.

As is known, the issue of demobilization is not considered within the framework of the mobilization law. They want to submit the initiative for parliament’s consideration separately.

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