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Aid to Ukraine: “innovation” announced in the USA

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Mike Johnson cited the example of the possibility of granting loans to Ukraine, which would reassure many Republicans.

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, confirmed that after the Easter holidays he plans to introduce a bill on additional aid to Ukraine, which will include “some important changes.” The Hill reported this yesterday.

“Look, what we have to do in an era of divided government — historically, we have to build consensus. If we want to advance some partisan bill, I need every member of Parliament, literally. And some thing has to be bipartisan,” he said. Johnson in an interview Sunday Night America with Trey Gowdy.

He cited the difficult position he finds himself in with a historically narrow majority in the House of Representatives. However, the speaker said he was “working on a package of measures and plans to present it for consideration when the House of Representatives meets” after the recess.

“We talked with all the members, especially today, while working in the district. When we return after this period of work, we will promote the product (the Ukrainian aid bill, – ed.), but I think it will have some important changes,” he said.

Johnson mentioned the example of the possibility of granting a loan to Ukraine, which would reassure many Republicans, and also mentioned the REPO law (a law on the confiscation of frozen assets of the Russian Federation, – edit.). It gives the president the power to take Russian sovereign assets frozen in the United States and transfer them to Ukraine for use against Russia.

Johnson believes it is also possible to establish US exports of natural gas, which would reduce Russia’s income from its foreign sales.

Earlier, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner, said that Johnson will introduce a bill to support Ukraine on April 9.

Let’s recall that on February 13, the US Senate supported a package that provides more than $60 billion for Ukraine, mainly for military aid. But the bill was never considered in the House of Representatives because of Speaker Johnson’s refusal to bring it to a vote.

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