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Guterres: Ukraine war has caused ‘a series of horrors’

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Antonio Guterres has called for the reform of the UN Security Council, because otherwise the world faces further fragmentation.

Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine violates the UN Charter and international law and has unleashed a “wave of horrors.” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said this in his opening speech at the General Assembly of this organization in New York on Tuesday, September 19.

“Instead of ending war, we see the development of conflict, coups and riots. If every country fulfills its obligations under the Charter, the right to peace will be guaranteed. When countries violate with these obligations, they create a world of insecurity for all. Evidence A: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Guterres said.

He emphasized that this war, contrary to the UN Charter and international law, “caused many horrors.”

“Lives are destroyed, human rights are violated, families are torn apart. Children are traumatized, hopes and dreams are destroyed. But outside of Ukraine, the war has grave consequences for all of us. Nuclear threats put us all at risk. Ignoring international agreements and conventions makes us all more vulnerable. And “The “poisoning” of international diplomacy hinders to development in all fields,” warned the UN Secretary General.

Guterres again called for reform of the UN Security Council, otherwise the world faces further fragmentation.

“The world has changed, but our institutions have not. We cannot effectively solve the problems of our time if the institutions do not reflect the world as it is. Instead of solving the problems, they can become part of problems… It is time to change the multilateral structures based on the economic and political realities of the 21st century,” he said.

According to the Secretary General of the UN, the world is getting closer to “a major conflict in economic and financial systems, as well as in trade relations.”

Earlier, the media reported that the United States wants to include six new members in the UN Security Council. But they should not have the right to veto.

And the other day, the Kremlin proposed “reforming” the UN Security Council.

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