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Russian is almost cooked in Ukrainian borscht

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When the dish was ready, the cook, together with a colleague, took the pan to take it from the fire and move it to another place.

The cook of a catering establishment in one of the malls in Moscow was preparing borscht in a large saucepan, suddenly slipped and fell on it. On Sunday, June 4, Russian media reported.

“A cook named Eler was cooking soup in a large pot. He wanted to transfer it with a friend, but at one point the pot with hot borscht slipped from his hands and fell to the floor. The young man slipped and fell into the boiling borscht,” the journalists said. .

The cook needs the help of the doctors. An ambulance was called.

“The man has burns on 45% of his body. Now he is in intensive care,” the media reported.

In the truth of the borsch incident, which almost killed a 20-year-old Russian chef, the Moscow police began an investigation.

The State Border Service of Ukraine (GNSU) responded to an audio message from Belarusian border guards about the “similarity” of Ukrainian and Belarusian borscht.

Remember that Mila Kunis called Ukrainian borsch a Russian dish.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian borscht cooking culture was included in UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage.

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