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Ukraine launched an English edition for Western countries

Photo: Ukrainian truth

The Gaze platform in English will introduce the Western audience to the events in Ukraine, Oleksandr Tkachenko explained.

State enterprise Multimedia platform for international broadcasting of Ukraine (MPIM) has launched The Gaze, an infotainment digital platform that will introduce Western audiences to events in Ukraine in English. This was announced by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Alexander Tkachenko on his Telegram channel on Friday, June 2.

According to him, MPIU launched The Gaze to introduce the Western audience “to the wonder of the countries of the new Europe and Ukraine as part of it, with people, history, nature, culture, politics, economy and influence on the global future. “

“The main task of The Gaze is to be an information space where Ukrainian narratives, heroes, stories will be presented through themes and values ​​that are interesting and understandable to a wide audience of the Western world, where the part of Europe east of Berlin remains terra incognita,” he said.

The Gaze platform, in addition to the website, has a YouTube channel and pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Yulia Ostrovskaya, Director General of the State Enterprise MPIM, said that the work on the creation of new media began last year. IPIM has conducted several studies and developed several conceptual solutions to identify the needs of foreign readers and viewers.

Mintsifra reports that the main audience of the project should correspond to the list of states that provide Ukraine with the greatest support during the war and show great interest in Ukraine: the United States, Great Britain, EU countries and Canada . The content is designed for a wide audience, whose representatives actively use social networks and are accustomed to the interactive form of presenting the material.

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy Kateryna Chueva said that the invaders took thousands of cultural property from Ukraine, but the exact number of stolen items is unknown.

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