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Ukrenergo spoke about preparations for the new winter

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Four main ingredients are needed to prepare for next winter: physical protection of power facilities, restoration of generation, equipment, money.

To prepare a country for the next winter or a possible terrorist attack, four main components are needed. This was announced during the telethon of the head of the board of NPC Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytsky, writes RBC-Ukraine.

According to Kudritsky, we are talking about the physical protection of power facilities, the restoration of generation, equipment and money.

“We are actively preparing for next winter and making decisions that will protect our facilities. And we are very grateful to the State Agency for Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine, with whom we are cooperating to protect basic infrastructure and critical energy facilities,” the leader said. Ukrainergo.

He noted that the company’s plan is to have time for the next heating season to significantly strengthen the protection of facilities and make substations more resistant to enemy strikes.

“In addition to the physical protection of facilities, it is also the restoration of generation – hydro, thermal power plants, preparation of thermal power plants for winter,” said Kudritsky.

In addition, he emphasized that it is important to contract and bring to Ukraine a sufficient amount of equipment needed to repair networks and power plants, and to have enough money to repair damaged power facilities, substations and networks.

“These basic ingredients must be present so that we can prepare and get through the next winter without such stress and such major breakdowns as we experienced last season,” summarized the head of Ukrenergo.

It was previously reported that Ukraine has reduced electricity consumption.

Ukraine will immediately receive electricity from the EU

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