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An enemy mine exploded in the Odessa region

Photo: facebook.com/OperationalCommandSouth

As a result of the incident, several buildings on the coast were damaged. No one was killed or injured.

In the village of Sychavka, Odessa region, an enemy naval mine exploded. This was announced on March 26 by the spokesman of the military administration of Odessa, Sergei Bratchuk.

“As a result of the detonation of a mine by the enemy’s navy, a house in the country on the coast of the Black Sea was damaged. No one was killed or injured,” he said.

As explained by the operational command Souththe mine exploded, hitting structures on the shore of one of the rest areas and grounding the small boats.

Several buildings were damaged in the incident. It was emphasized that due to the restricted access to the facility, no one was there and no one was hurt.

In addition, as part of ensuring mine safety, another destroyed sea mine was discovered and controlled near one of the beaches in the region.

Earlier, residents of the Odessa region were warned that due to the storm in the Black Sea, there is a threat of exploding mines and beaching.

OK SOUTH explained the atypical activity of the Russian fleet in the Black and Azov Seas

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