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Several cases of people being blown up by mines have been recorded

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Two incidents took place one of these days in the Nikolaev area and one in Kharkov. Three people were injured, including a teenager.

In the Nikolaev and Kharkiv regions, several cases of mine explosion injuries were recorded in recent days. It was reported on March 13 to the State Emergency Service.

It was noted that two incidents with explosives took place in the village of Lyubomirovka, Mykolaiv region.

So, on March 10, a woman born in 1975 was blown up by an unknown projectile during yard work, and on March 12, a 13-year-old boy was injured as a result of an explosion.

The injured were hospitalized.

In addition, on March 13, in the village of Snezhkovka, Izyumsky district, Kharkiv region, a man born in 1983 stepped on a mine. petal And sustained a wound on his right leg.

Rescuers again urged residents of the occupied territories to be careful, and if they see bullets or suspicious objects, do not touch them and call 101.

It was previously reported that a resident of the village of Limany in the Nikolaev region found an unexploded cluster shell and took it to his yard. The discovery was that the child was detonated and injured.

A resident of Kharkov died in an explosion in a garage cooperative

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