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Results 24.02: The first leopards and the Chinese plan

Photo: Press Service of the Cabinet of Ministers

China publishes its peace plan; Leopard tanks arrive in Ukraine. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

China has published a plan for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine

China has published its version of the “peace plan” to resolve the war on the territory of Ukraine. The document consisting of several points, on Friday, February 24, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China published. The White House said that China may stop at the first point, especially respecting the sovereignty of all countries. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that China’s “peace plan” should be considered in the aspect of Beijing’s friendship with Moscow. At the same time, President Volodymyr Zelensky saw a good sign that China was talking about a war with Ukraine.

Leopard tanks arrive in Ukraine

The Ukrainian military received four Leopard 2 tanks from Poland. Ukrainian officials have already been photographed against their background. The tanks arrived in Ukraine on the same day Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki arrived in Kyiv. He also said, in addition to Leopard tanks, Poland will transfer 60 PT-91 Twardy tanks to Ukraine. The combat vehicles will be delivered to Ukraine within a few days. In addition, Morawiecki announced Poland’s readiness to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 aircraft. Zelensky, together with Moravetsky, visited one of the hospitals in Kyiv, where wounded Ukrainian soldiers are being treated.

The United States has announced a large amount of aid to Ukraine

The United States announced a new military aid package to Ukraine totaling $2 billion. New weapons and critical ammunition stockpiles will boost Ukraine’s ability to repel Russian aggression, the Pentagon said. Unlike previous deliveries, these weapons and ammunition will not be provided from US Department of Defense warehouses. Instead, Washington will buy them from manufacturers.

In addition, the United States has allocated $10 billion to support Ukraine. The US Department of State noted that these funds are critical for Ukraine during its defense against Russia and will ensure the ability of the Ukrainian government to continue to meet the urgent needs of its citizens, in particular care in health, education and emergency services.

The UK, US and Canada have announced new sanctions against Russia

On the anniversary of the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, the British authorities expanded the sanctions against the aggressor country. In particular, a ban was introduced on the export to Russia of everything that could be used for war. We are talking about spare parts for aircraft, radio equipment, electronic components that can be used in the Russian military-industrial complex, and, in particular, for the production of drones.

The heads of dozens of Russian regions, as well as nine ministers and propagandist Olga Skabeeva, fell under US sanctions. The following financial organizations fell under the restrictions: Moscow Credit Bank, commercial bank Lanta Bank, Metallinvestbank, Novosibirsk Social Commercial Bank, Bank Saint Petersburg, Primorye Bank, SDM-Bank, Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development , Zenit Bank, Uralsib Bank. The sanctions also affected enterprises in the metallurgical sector, the mining industry, enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, as well as companies that produce carbon fiber for defense needs, the aerospace sector, and electronics sector.

Canada is also imposing new sanctions against Russian officials and agencies, as well as banning the export of certain chemical components to Russia. The sanctions will affect 129 individuals and 63 legal entities, including deputies of the Russian prime minister, ministers, officials of the Russian presidential administration, the Russian military involved in the production of artillery and weapons.

The Rada removed the mandates of three people’s representatives

The Verkhovna Rada terminated the power of three people’s representatives from the banned Opposition party Platform for Life. These are Natalia Korolevskaya, her husband Yuri Solod, and Oleg Voloshin. Today there are only 405 people’s deputies in the Ukrainian parliament – this is a new minimum.

Biden and Orban declared the impossibility of a Russian victory

Brutality will never break the people’s will for freedom and Russia will never achieve victory in Ukraine. This is what US President Joseph Biden said on the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. “A dictator who seeks to restore an empire will never erase the people’s love of freedom. Cruelty will never destroy the will of the free. And Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Never,” Biden said.

In turn, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that Russia cannot win and called for negotiations. “Russia cannot win because the whole Western world is behind Ukraine. At the same time, Russia is a nuclear power, and a nuclear power cannot be driven into a corner, because it can provoke a nuclear war, Orban said.

Zelensky gave a press conference

The head of state said that the victory of Ukraine is inevitable, but it is important that both Ukrainians within the country and international partners remain united and fulfill their promises. Among other things, Zelensky said that he allows negotiations with Russia to end the war, but only after fulfilling all the points of his peace formula. Zelensky also examined the possibility of liberating Crimea: the de-occupation of all Ukrainian territory is possible if Ukraine is strong on the battlefield.

Stoltenberg invited Zelensky to the NATO summit

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to attend the Alliance’s next summit in Vilnius in July. NATO member nations also issued a statement on the first anniversary of Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine, urging Moscow to immediately withdraw its troops. The allies say that Russia bears full responsibility for this war, a gross violation of international law and the UN Charter.

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