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Applications are actively submitted to the Offensive Guard – Ministry of Internal Affairs

Photo: Zelenskiy / Official

The Ministry of the Interior began to form assault brigades. Their task was to liberate the territories from the Russian invaders.

Ukrainians are actively applying to join the assault brigades of the Offensive Guards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This was announced on Friday, February 3, by Deputy Interior Minister Kateryna Pavlichenko on the air of the telethon.

“We started this recruiting campaign literally on Thursday, but I know that applications and questionnaires have been submitted very actively. In fact, many calls are being received on the hotline, which was created specifically for the formation of these teams. Recruitment is open for both male and female,” he said.

He noted that the main criterion for selection is motivation.

“These must be motivated people who are ready to liberate the territories. This is a window of opportunity,” Pavlichenko stressed.

He said that people who have joined the units have combat experience, including the de-occupation of territories, understand how to serve on the front line and work in a team.

At the same time, Pavlichenko said that combat experience is not mandatory.

Earlier, Igor Klimenko announced the formation of the department’s Offensive Guard assault brigades.

Remember, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said that the next big battlefield that will decide the outcome of the war in Ukraine could be Crimea.

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