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Putin did not warn the Russian government that he wanted to start a war with Ukraine

Kremlin officials and contractors admitted they did not understand Russia’s goals in Ukraine.

Most employees of the Russian government, the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and State Duma deputies do not know about Vladimir Putin’s plans to start a war against Ukraine, high -ranking officials have no plans action for this case, for example, in economics or propaganda. This was reported by the independent publication “Project”.

In addition, many were struck by the very idea of ​​a war in a neighboring state. It was then that one of the top “Project” speakers in the cabinet of ministers, when asked what he thought about the war, could only squeeze: “Fuck.”

Representatives of that State Duma felt particularly stupid, that at the beginning of the year, on the instructions of the leadership, signed an appeal to Putin with a request to recognize the independence of the “LPR” and “DPR”, not realizing that it will. be at the forefront of the war.

An acquaintance of one of the parliamentarians recalled: on February 24, the deputy called him almost in tears: he was very worried because his signature on the appeal was used to start the fight.

A few days later, the unfavorable representatives were “processed” and they called everything happening a “window of opportunity” for Russia. Even the deputies, who had at first decided to openly oppose the war, fell silent.

Let us recall that earlier it was reported that during the polls in Russia it turned out that people could not only explain the term “denazification”, but even pronounce this word was difficult for them. Therefore, now the Kremlin is rejecting the term.

Today, Russia called the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine “a special operation to liberate the Donbass.” But there is a possibility that President Putin, in his speech on Victory Day on May 9, will formally declare war on Ukraine.

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Source: korrespondent

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