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A man was shot dead for resisting the theft of his watch in San Ysidro.

Neighbors criticize the lack of safety on the streets of San Ysidro | Fountain: video capture

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Man shot to death after two gunmen took his watch Brand Rolex in San Isidro. The incident took place in the 2nd block of Alfredo Salazar Street. The victim was identified as Gonzalo Echandiawho was attacked for resisting a robbery.

Security cameras caught a robbery in Echandia. The man was walking calmly around the area when a man on a motorcycle drove past him, and another footman intercepted him and threatened him with a weapon, taking the watch, he left with his accomplice.

“There are a lot of cameras going around San Isidro and they are taller than the tops of the trees. Recently there have been domestic attacks, moreover, last year I was attacked along with my son. They targeted both of us. [Los delincuentes] They arrived in a convertible. They came down and attacked us,” Miguel Solis, Chairman of the Council of Neighbors of the area. News RPP.

The victim is in a local clinic, where he receives the necessary assistance after suffering an attack. The police launched an investigation to find out the whereabouts of the perpetrators.

This is an attack on people for having a Rolex, not recently. Last year, a man was attacked with bullets by criminals who robbed him near a supermarket located at the intersection of avenues of the Republic of Panama and Benavides, in the Miraflores district.

The robbery occurred when a citizen named Sandro Monteblanco was standing at the door of a supermarket next to his car. The two men on board the line motorcycle then intercepted him and shot him in the leg to take his belongings.

One dead and two injured in the attack on the notary’s office of San Isidro

A group of assassins attacked a married couple in the premises of a notary office in the San Ysidro area. The criminals opened fire on them and caused the death of the man. Meanwhile, a woman with a gunshot wound was taken to a local clinic by firefighters.

The perpetrators climbed to the second floor of the notary office of Jorge Velarde Sussoni, where the couple were, and opened fire, firing four to five shots. Neighbors and people who were in the notary’s office, alarmed by the explosions, called the authorities.

In addition to the deceased person and the woman who was taken to the hospital, there is a third person who received a hand injury. Similarly, he was referred to the nearest medical center after being transferred by the volunteer fire brigade to another location.

Source: RPP

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