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The Hubble telescope photographed a galaxy located in the constellation Phoenix

Photo: esahubble.org

This galaxy is a relatively close neighbor of the Milky Way and is located 15 million light years from Earth.

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured images of the galaxy ESO 245-5, located 15 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Phoenix. This was reported by the ESA Observatory.

Astronomers say the image shows a tight field of stars set against a backdrop of dust, gas and light from more distant celestial objects.

“The stars take up so much of the field of view in this image that it’s a little hard to tell that you’re actually looking at a large part of the galaxy known as ESO 245-5,” the report said.

It has been noted that another reason why it is difficult for people to determine that ESO 245-5 is a galaxy is its apparent lack of structure.

Typically, the Hubble telescope captures stunning images of spiral galaxies, which are so interesting to look at in part because of their highly ordered arms of stars, gas and dust.

“ESO 245-5, on the other hand, is classified as an IB(s)m galaxy by the galaxy classification system known as the De Vaucouleurs system. The IB(s)m designation means that the galaxy is irregular (I), diffuse (B), has a light spiral structure ((s)) and belongs to the Magellan type (m),” the scientists said.

It was previously reported that astronauts aboard the International Space Station showed how Earth’s atmosphere glows.

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