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An accident occurred on the American segment of the ISS

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On August 1, the American segment of the International Space Station experienced a power outage.

In the American segment of the International Space Station, there was a failure in the power supply system. This follows the negotiations of the astronauts at the American Mission Control Center, which was broadcast by NASA.

“We had a major power outage, something caused a power outage that led to the breakdown,” a PCO employee in Houston said in interviews.

According to him, due to a failure in the ISS, there are communication problems on Earth, there is no threat to the crew of the station.

“Since this is an issue with the electrical equipment inside the station, we would like one of you to go down to the Russian segment and check for signs of smoke or fire,” the specialist said.

In turn, Roscosmos said that all instruments and systems of the Russian segment of the ISS are working normally.

It will be recalled that on July 25, a power outage at the NASA building in Houston led to a disruption in communication with the ISS. The lack of communication with the station forced the agency to use Russian systems.

NASA intends to build a tug to deorbit the ISS

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