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Hubble shows DART crashing into an asteroid

Photo: NASA

The device weighing 550 kg at a speed of 22,500 km / h crashed into an asteroid about 160 meters in diameter on September 27 last year.

NASA released footage of asteroid Dimorpha after it was hit by the DART spacecraft. The video was posted on YouTube.

He said that in September 2022, NASA will send DART to a 160-meter asteroid orbiting the five times larger asteroid Didim to test the effectiveness of a new technology to protect the Earth from potentially dangerous ones. space rock

The Hubble telescope captured the impact on the asteroid and the most important result of the collision.

After the impact, the asteroid began to make a complete revolution around Didyma in 11 hours and 28 minutes, that is, the orbit was reduced to 32 minutes.

It was also found that the surface of Dimorph is covered with a larger number of rocks than scientists expected. As a result, as a result of the impact, a large amount of debris flew into space, and thus gave the asteroid additional power to change the trajectory of movement.

The video begins 1.3 hours before the DART collision, then shows a system of two asteroids two hours after the event, along with a cloud of material ejected into space.

After 17 hours, the cloud, under the influence of the gravity of the larger asteroid Didymus and the solar wind, stretched out into space in the form of a long tail, similar to the tail of a comet. Then the tail splits into two parts.

Earlier, NASA’s Juno spacecraft sent back stunning new images of the gas giant Jupiter. They, most likely, may be the latter, because technical problems have been identified with the device.

Four large asteroids are flying toward Earth

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