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TikTok: US senator asks Apple and Google to ban the app from their digital stores

US Senator Michael Bennet sent a letter to Apple and Google asking them to remove and ban TikTok from their app stores. | Fountain: Hide | Photographer: SOLENE FEYISSA

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tik tak It is still under the scrutiny of the US authorities, and it seems that these issues will not stop until a fateful decision is made to distribute the application in the specified territory. Now, Michael BennetDemocratic Senator from Colorado and member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, sent a letter Mansana And Google with a demand to withdraw the application from both app store like Game Store.

This document, addressed Tim Cook And Sundar PichaiCEOs Mansana And Google Accordingly, the politician claims that “tik takin its current form constitutes an unacceptable threat to national security USA”. Bennett’s letter reiterates many of the arguments other US lawmakers have made in the past in an attempt to ban the app.

US continues to attack TikTok

In particular, what he raises Bennet there is a possibility that bytedanceparent company tik takmay be forced “use your influence to advance the interests of the Chinese government” through your application. “Like most social media platforms, TikTok collects extensive and complex data about its users, including facial and voice fingerprints. Unlike most social media platforms, TikTok is of unique concern because China’s law obliges ByteDance, its parent company in Beijing, to “support, assist and cooperate with government intelligence.”the politician says.

On repeated occasions, bytedance he denied that such situations could ever happen and tried to downplay his ties to China. “Unfortunately, the Senator’s letter Bennet based almost exclusively on misleading information about tik tak, the data we collect and our data security measures. It also ignores the significant investment we have made through Project Texas — a plan agreed upon with our nation’s leading national security experts — to provide our community with additional assurances about the security of their data and the integrity of the TikTok platform.”said Brook Oberwetterplatform spokesperson, in a statement.

Can TikTok be removed from the App Store and Play Store?

Yes, sure Mansana And Google did not immediately respond to this letter, it is unlikely that the ban and withdrawal of digital stores from iOS And android happen. However, the very fact of the existence of such a document indicates tense relations between the US authorities and tik takAlthough bytedance he spent his time negotiating the last two with Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to ensure their ability to continue working in the country.

However, this latest action stalled and the company decided not to pursue a similar process again to avoid criticism. Except, tik tak shared more details about his partnership with Oracle to protect US user data and meet US regulatory requirements.

However, it appears that US lawmakers have no plans to allow tik tak let go so fast. The app has already been banned on federal devices, and several states have introduced their own bans. It is planned that The Zi Chu Showthe platform’s CEO, will testify in his first speech before the US Congress next month.

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