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World Championship. the king of the sports clubs of Ajax, PSG and Monaco in sight

The World Cup often acts as a showcase for football, for countries, but also for clubs. In its latest monthly report, the CIES Football Observatory (International Center for Sports Studies) analyzes the clubs where the 830 players have been invited to the 2022 World Cup, as well as the clubs where they trained.

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Thus, we learn that 830 players are concentrated in 295 different clubs. Number one? FC Barcelona with 17 internationals in Qatar, followed by Manchester City and Bayern Munich (16). Further back we find Paris Saint-Germain (11), Stade Rennes (8) and Olympique de Marseille (5). It should be noted that “Tottenham” is the only club represented in 10 different selections with “only” 11 international players.

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South Korea’s Heung-min Son and Brazil’s Richarliso both play for England’s Tottenham Hotspur. OD ANDERSEN / AFP

The Premier League’s most represented league, by far

CIES also notes the high concentration of footballers playing in Europe. they are 602 out of 830 or 72.5%. For example, out of 130 players representing an African nation, only 17 play in an African club, i.e. 13.1%. When it comes to the league game, England are crushing it all with 134 Premier League internationals, well ahead of La Liga (83). The French championship ranks 5the 55 with the globalists.

Finally, CIES reviewed the coaching clubs of these 830 players. The king in this field is Ajax Amsterdam. 11 international players, divided into 5 different selections, trained there. Manchester City are also divided, with 7 players from 6 nations. Or as many players as PSG, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Monaco, the only well-placed club in Ligue 1, has trained 5 global players. That’s the same as Arsenal and more than Tottenham, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund or Atletico Madrid (4).

Source: Le Figaro

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