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Ramina Eskhakzai explains why she suspended the trips to the front

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Doctors have forbidden the celebrity to travel to the front line for the next three months for health reasons.

Ukrainian interviewer and blogger Ramina Eshakzai admitted that she could not travel to the front line for health reasons, as she pushed herself to emotional exhaustion.

“For health reasons, I can’t go to the front line for about three months. The doctors say: we start treatment and you don’t go to the front line, or we don’t start and you destroy your body. . I regret that I will not go to the front line in the near future, this tough decision,” he said.

The star also spoke about the death of his friend, a Ukrainian soldier with the call sign Farsh.

“I recently realized that when my friend with the call sign Farsh died, I cried, but I did not feel sad, because I drowned the emotions in myself, I could not experience the joy when you rejoice with all your soul, and I can’t experience either I have lost all hope in my soul, but they are on autopilot, when you see human sadness, you have to show it and listen to me It is returned to me even when I sleep, added Ramina .

In addition, Eskhakzai said that the trips to the front lines changed him a lot. He feels better in the front line than in the back.

“When I went to the front line for the first year, it seemed to me something new, unusual and interesting, and the last time I was on the front line, I felt very comfortable there, I was more comfortable there than behind. They have a reality there that people here should feel, I’m afraid that if I don’t go there, I’ll lose touch when you’re in Kyiv. you want to dress up and go to a restaurant, pretend there’s no war On the front line I feel important, no need to look good, ten days have passed as one, I am always welcome there. I feel like I belong to my own people. So, as the psychiatrist said, many people Ukraine is in a state of adaptation, as if you are living two lives,” said the interviewer.

Earlier it was reported that Ramina Eskhakzai named the reason why she did not show her new chosen one.

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