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A perfectly preserved GAZ-24 Volga was found in the USA

A perfectly preserved GAZ-24 Volga was found in the USA

Photo: Gooding&Company

They plan to sell it at auction. Since the Volga is well preserved and a rarity in the USA, they plan to get from 20 to 30 thousand dollars for it.

A perfectly preserved 1976 GAZ-24 Volga was found in the USA. The car has old Soviet license plates from the Kyiv region. Gooding&Company writes about it.

Volg is a time capsule with a mileage of only 54 thousand km. GAZ-24 looks like new: it has original paint and no rust on the body. The interior is also in good shape and the engine is clean. Original tools, documentation and operating instructions are retained.

The owners do not say how the GAZ-24 came to the USA. It is known that it was first registered in 1976. Receipts for payment of fines for violation of Traffic Rules for 1978 have also been preserved.

The model is equipped with a standard 2.4-liter ZMZ-402 four with a power of 95 hp. In. and a 4-speed manual transmission. The maximum speed is 145 km/h.

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Let us remind you that the electric car market has grown in Ukraine.

A sports car from a Ukrainian designer has been put up for auction

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Source: korrespondent

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