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Miss Ukraine Universe told how she became a victim of harassment on the train

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The model admitted that during a trip on the Dnieper in a compartment with three men, the additional actions of one of the fellow travelers scared him.

Ukrainian model, winner of the Miss Ukraine Universe 2021 contest Anna Nepliakh supported the initiative to create women’s compartments and told how she became a victim of harassment on the train. He mentioned it in Instagram stories.

According to him, he once traveled in a compartment with three men. In the night, two of them fell asleep, but one did not sleep, but began to do obscene acts while looking at him.

“I slept on the lower right shelf, and the one who didn’t sleep on the upper left. When the other two men fell asleep, he took out his treasure and, looking at me, began ******** *. I got scared and pretended to sleep . But the night is sleepless for me,” she recalled.

Therefore, Anna Nepliakh is convinced that women’s compartments should be introduced in trains for the safety of female representatives.

“My personal thanks to Ukrzaliznytsia for listening to women and selling cars where every woman can feel safe,” he summed up.

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It was previously reported that Alina Pash admitted that at the age of 19 she was a victim of harassment.

Ukrzaliznytsia plans to test women’s coupes

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