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Glaucoma progresses much faster in children

The real tragedy of congenital glaucoma is that it is easily seen, but we still miss it all too often. I regret that Pr: Daniel Denis, head of the ophthalmology department at the Timon Hospital in Marseille. Then urgent surgery is necessary, sometimes with less satisfactory results and long-term consequences.

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Fortunately, congenital glaucoma is a rare disease. rates vary between one in 18,000 births and one in 45,000. It is associated with a malfunction of the eye, most often due to the stability of the embryonic membrane, which prevents the proper evacuation of the aqueous humor in the corner of the eye. Unlike adults, in whom intraocular pressure rises very slowly, in children the intraocular pressure rises over several weeks. The eyeball swells until it crushes the posterior optic nerve and deforms the anterior cornea; the eyes look too big. The damage can be irreversible for several…

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