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Is Pregnancy Making You Crazy?

A certain apathy, a floating mind, impaired memory, wavering focus and conflicting moods… Do you know the “mommy brain” that will make expectant and young mothers lose their minds? Let’s immediately answer the question posed in the title of this article, which, let’s agree, was the primary goal to attract the reader’s attention. obviously no, neither pregnancy nor motherhood make women stupid.

But there is one thing that is no longer in doubt: the body of an expectant mother “stretched, stretched, burdened”his brain “changes in form and function and profoundly affects the course of pregnancy” write Paris hospital psychiatrists Lucie Joly and Hugo Bottemann. So much so that some studies claim that a simple brain scan can distinguish the brain of a woman who is a mother from the brain of another who has never given birth.

The fact that the brain is nervous about pregnancy has basically nothing to do with…

Source: Le Figaro

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