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“Often they don’t dare to blow completely for the first time.” penile implant, last chance for an erection.

Men trust me with the most important part of their anatomy. By the time they reach this point, they have not had an erection for three or four years, they have tried everything and have no other choice. » Urological surgeon at Ambroise-Paré-Hartmann hospital group operating in Paris (Neuilly-sur-Seine), D.r: Alan Lipsker is convinced that penile implants, which can treat erectile dysfunction, are underused in France. Proportionately, we ask for ten times less than in the US. The technique is relatively unknown to patients and has historically had a bad reputation among urologists. », explains the surgeon. Claimed fame, according to him. 90 years in literature The percentage of patients is satisfied and their sexuality is restored, and it is about the same (about 85 % satisfaction) with their partner. » How does a penile implant work and which patients are affected?

Oral treatments, creams or gels, injections…

Source: Le Figaro

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