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The BTS member IU wishes she had worked with before Suga

Before performing with Suga, soloist IU almost collaborated with another member of BTS; find out who!

UIcan be considered one of the most successful soloists in K-pop. Debuting in 2008, today the artist serves as an example for countless idols, carrying a long list of famous fans, such as Nayeon, Jihyo It is Jeongyeonby TWICE, Jonghoby ATEEZ, Soobin It is BeomgyuTXT, the members of THE BOYZ, and much more.

Among the celebrities who are declared fans of UIwe can also mention the members of BTS, who have spoken countless times about how much they admire the soloist — in addition to some of them also having had the opportunity to collaborate with the artist on some songs and music videos.

In January of this year, for example, UI released the video for their latest comeback “Love Wins All”, which features V in the video, where the two play a couple of survivors in a post-apocalyptic future.

However, V was not the first member of BTS to collaborate with UI. The member who started the feats with the soloist was Suga who, in 2020, released the single “eight”, composed by the two, in partnership with the artist.

In 2023, the duo would collaborate again, this time for the last album in the trilogy of August D (solo identity of Suga): “D-day”, with the song “People, Pt.2”.

However, during his participation in the Suga“Suchwita”, UI ended up revealing that, initially, the rapper was not his first choice among the BTS members to collaborate, but rather the leader of the group, RM.

During the conversation, the soloist explains that, in the beginning, she came into contact with Suga just to ask for the number RM so that she could offer the partnership, and that, probably, the track will be “something really serious”, since, at the time, she “wasn’t in the best place [mentalmente]” and wanted to “bring out these emotions in a song.”

Despite having managed to contact the leader, UI He says he never made the call, as he couldn’t “gather up the courage to simply call someone I didn’t know”.

“In the end, I never called RM. And after that, I just lost interest in making that music. Then I suddenly thought of ‘Eight’. I created the title first [porque eu tinha 28 anos na época]”, revealed the soloist.

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