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All messages sent by Jin, from BTS, to ARMY, while enlisting in the military

See all the videos released by Jin, from BTS, to ARMY, since he began serving as a soldier in the South Korean armed forces

In the early hours of this Tuesday, 6th, a new message from Jin, from BTS, to ARMY was released. Just over two minutes long, the video, published on the group’s YouTube channel, features the idol in an intimate conversation with the fandom, revealing that he misses his fans. Look!

I hope you know that I always miss you,” Jin said referring to ARMY as he approached the screen.

Soon after, the idol, who calls himself “Worldwide Handsome” (something like “beautiful throughout the world”, in the free translation into Portuguese), began to reflect on his appearance.

My beautiful face…I wonder if that face will come back. Although it wasn’t like that when I was 25, it wasn’t like that at 27 and it wasn’t like that at 29. It probably won’t come back,” he said. “Please keep looking at my face. Thanks”.

Still, the video, recorded before the idol enlisted in the South Korean military, is part of theJin staying close to the fandom even in the army. This is because, since the first month of enlistment, the singer posts one video a month to reinforce his fans’ nostalgia and remain present even if he is far from the spotlight.

With this in mind, RECREIO has gathered in the list below all the messages already published byJin since January 2023, a month after the artist attended the 5th Infantry Division recruit training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. See!

January 2023

In the video, he says:

“Hi everyone, this is Jin from BTS! I will no longer be a civilian when this comes out, but I’m here in front of the camera because I wanted to leave you something, even if it’s just a message

So today I’m here with the camera on. I’m currently filming for the movie “Running Man” and whenever I’m available, I want to leave these videos and logs every now and then to share with you as much as possible, even if it’s just to check in briefly.

I may not be by your side right now, but I will be looking for you soon, so if you wait a little, I will be back soon. It’s all for today. Next time, when I have the opportunity, I will come back with another video. Until then!”

February 2023

In February, Jin decided to decorate macarons in honor of ARMY. He began by explaining: “In February, there’s Valentine’s Day, right? I’m almost sure. That’s why I prepared these desserts here. These are macarons.”

“Since there are 7 of us in BTS, I prepared 7 macarons. I’m going to write on these macarons. Since only ARMYs will be watching this video, I’m going to write things related to ARMY,” he said before writing that he loves ARMY on sweets.

March 2023

The March video was recorded in Argentina, where Jin performed “The Astronaut” live for the first time, and better, alongside Coldplay.

“Ta-da! Hello everyone, it’s Jin! I’m here in March too! Don’t tell me you’re crying because you missed me! I know you didn’t, but I just wanted to say something like that.”

Do you know what happens in March? Ta-da! White Day! Since it’s White Day, do you give the girls a gift or vice versa? I don’t know the details, but since it’s White Day, I wanted to give you a lollipop. So here I am. Ta-da! It’s a lollipop. +

Right now, I’m here in Argentina to perform with Coldplay. Show! I need to do well. To fight! We haven’t introduced ourselves yet, but as I’m a professional, I know I’ll do well! I hope we have a great show, and I’m just here to give you a lollipop for this day,” said the idol.

April 2023

In April, the video’s main message was how much he misses ARMY and his fans miss him.

“I don’t know if everyone will be sad if I’m not here. I hope you won’t be sad and have a happy life. I’ll root for you,” he said at one point. “I’ll miss you,” he added then.

May 2023

May’s message was shorter, but it brought the ARMY a gift: a rose!

“It’s May and I’m popping in every now and then to send a message to everyone, so with that, I hope ARMY feels a little better. Since it’s May, I prepared a rose. Everyone has a rose on Rose Day.” I’ll come back next time. Please think about me a lot,” the idol asked.

July 2023

The behind-the-scenes of “The Astronaut” were also the subject of filming by Jin to ARMY. At the time, he revealed that he was preparing for the live performance of the track.

“I’m currently preparing with our producer Pdogg for “The Astronaut”. We’re practicing live,” the video began. “Ah, I miss you guys a lot and I think you all miss me a lot too,” said the idol in another excerpt before singing verses from the solo track.

September 2023

During the video, which features the participation of V It is Jungkook from BTS, Jin talked about autumn and the meaning of September, in addition to reaffirming that he will continue publishing messages to his fans. Look above!

November 2023

This time, the idol commented on the cold and shared his wish for the ARMY at this time of year.

“It starts to get colder in November and I guess you could say it’s almost winter, so watch out for colds and don’t get sick. If you get sick, I’ll be really sad.”

December 2023

On December 4th, Jin got older! In celebration of his birthday, the ARMY update video was a celebration for two with the idol, who appeared with a cake and a request: “I would really like you to blow out the candle on the cake and sing the birthday song with me.”

“Thanks to all of you, I was able to blow out birthday candles in advance, which was great. When will I be able to blow out birthday candles in advance again?” he said at another point.

January 2023

To wish ARMT a happy new year, nothing better than a video of Jin, Is not it? The idol talked about winter in the video and revealed what his goal was with the new update. “I leave this video so you can observe my beautiful, beautiful face and spend January and February warm.”

Source: Recreio

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