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Memorial dedicated to ASTRO’s Moonbin gets new location

The memorial dedicated to Moonbin will be relocated from the 7th. Get it!

Last Sunday, the 4th, Fantagio, the company responsible for ASTRO, issued a statement announcing that, starting on the 7th of June, the memorial dedicated to moonbinwill be located at Gukcheongsa Temple in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

The decision was taken alongside the family, who agreed to find a new space so that fans can pay their respects to the idol for a longer time. Check out the full statement:

“This is Fantagio.

First of all, we express our deep gratitude to AROHA (ASTRO’s official fan club) for personally visiting Sky Park until the 49th day since the passing of the late Moonbin, remembering Moonbin’s brightest moments together and sharing sadness while providing comfort.

We fully empathize with AROHA’s wishes to honor Moonbin for a while longer. Therefore, after a long and thoughtful discussion with the bereaved family, we have prepared an outdoor memorial space so that AROHA, who always sends relentless love, can greet Moonbin a little longer. Although Moonbin’s religion is not Buddhism, at the request of the bereaved family, we prepared “Moon’s Space” in an area at Gukcheongsa Temple in Namhansangseong, and [o local do memorial] will run long-term from June 7, 2023 at 5:30 am KST. It may be very uncomfortable because the road to Gukcheongsa is steep and narrow, but we sincerely hope that it becomes a space that AROHA can comfortably visit at any time and feel at least a little relieved and comforted.

1. Information about opening hours
Gukcheongsa is open from 5:30 am to 6:30 pm. However, make sure you visit at a minimum of 5:30am and leave by 6:30pm. Also, the parking lot inside Gukcheongsa will be closed from 6pm onwards and entry by car will not be possible, so please arrive at least by 5:30pm for AROHAs who [chegarem] in own vehicles.

2. Directions
Address for Namhansangseong Gukcheongsa: 105 Namhansangseong-ro 780 gil, Namhansangseong-myeon, Gwangju City, Gyeonggi Province.

Since Gukcheongsa is a Buddhist temple located in the mountains of Namhansangseon, please understand that there are many inconveniences in transportation and travel. In addition, it is a difficult trail that you have to go through, so we recommend that you bring water in advance. Foreign visitors are expected to face various inconveniences when using taxis, so please refrain from using taxis.

3. Information about refraining from leaving floral tribute
We would be grateful if you would please refrain from leaving food and floral tributes and [deixar apenas] letters and notes. We fully understand that they are for Moonbin, but the Buddhist temple is located in the mountains, so it is difficult to preserve them intact due to insects and debris. We plan to install a board on one side of Moon’s Space so that AROHA can attach notes, and we will regularly collect and store them in a valuable way. We would be grateful if you could place the letters inside the mailbox placed in Moon’s Space.

We express our deep gratitude to the AROHAs who are always with ASTRO.”

The current memorial dedicated to moonbinwho passed away in April at the age of 25, is located on the rooftop of the Fantagio building, and will remain open for visitation until June 6th.

Source: Recreio

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