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The mother of YouTube star Piper Rockell has been sued for $22 million by 11 children who accuse her of sexual abuse.

Piper Rockell and her band in a video on her YouTube channel. Screenshot:

Request: Los Angeles Times was revealed last December behind the scenes of American teenager Piper Rockel’s YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers. His mother, who at the time of the facts was accused of sexual harassment and forced labor by eleven minor partners, was sued for $22 million.

In her Youtube profile pic, Piper Rockel sports a candy pink t-shirt with her image on it and a touch of lip gloss. The 15-year-old, who has 10 million subscribers to her channel, has built her reputation on a Paris Hilton-esque universe of marshmallows and polished videos in which she and her band, nicknamed the Squad, show off their glee. challenges to dance chewing gum pop, spin the bottle, do more mischief. A watered world that collapsed on December 18 due to a lengthy investigation Los Angeles Times revealing Piper Rockelle Inc. The sordid underbelly of the Smith company involving the star teenager’s mother, Tiffany Smith (age 41).

Thus, very serious American media published the complaints of 11 teenagers of the former Piper Rockel troupe who collaborated with the daughter and mother in 2017-2021. They decry the toxic environment, between the disastrous filming conditions and the exploitation of children working for Piper Rockell. Inc. Smith: Note that it then generated $4.2 to $7.5 million (€3.8 to €6.9 million) per year. Worse, these same teenagers are accusing the matron of sexual assault and seeking $22 million in damages.

Failure to comply with the law

For Los Angeles Times, This legal scandal will reveal “the gray areas of the largely unregulated world of social media, where kids spend hours creating videos and branded content.” Indeed, the 11 plaintiffs all say the filming does not comply with California law. The latter, who turned up at the home of Piper Rockell and her mother, would notably work about twelve hours a day (versus the legal eight), “with no breaks or meals.”

In addition, numerous court documents, e-mails and audio recordings, prove that Tiffany Smith’s company would not pay the teenagers for certain videos, and furthermore, did not have the necessary work permits to employ these minors. “I have always tried to respect the laws and have never considered myself an ’employer’ when children voluntarily come together to cooperate in the production of videos,” Tiffany Smith justified in the media.

“He dragged me to his room”

Several members of the squad take the blame Business woman on sexual harassment. One of them, who was 17 years old at the time, tells how the teenager’s mother forcibly kissed him one day. Piper grabbed him by the head and pulled him back to run. He kissed me back. He grabbed my waist and tried to pull down my underwear. Then he took me to his room,” he explains.

Words corroborated by other testimonies, such as Tiffany Smith’s nieces reporting particularly disturbing and telling attacks on her disturbed personality. Piper Rockell’s cousins, they do state that their aunt mimicked the meows of her dead cat, Lenny, while she abused them. For the rest, all the plaintiffs detail the suffocating atmosphere on the set, between profanity and encouragement to pose sexually for the cameras. Several also claimed that Piper Rockell’s mother was selling underwear and photos of her own daughter to a man online without her consent.

In the video, Asia Argento would pay off a man who accused her of sexual assault

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An investigation into the company’s filming conditions revealed the gruesome details that sparked the first complaints. “The plaintiffs’ parents said they realized the seriousness of the alleged sexual assault during an important meeting with lawyers in September 2021,” the 2021 report said. Los Angeles Times. A meeting that took the turn of confession. “And that’s when it became, ‘Me too.’ Oh my god, me too! “The children literally couldn’t speak fast enough because they realized they all had the same stories,” it said. the request.

Conspiracy motivated by jealousy

Since the filing of a unanimous complaint by 11 alleged victims, YouTube has demonetized Piper Rockel’s channel, which continues despite going all out to make her videos. Attorneys for the teenagers are seeking at least $22 million in damages from Piper Rockelle Inc. To protect herself, Tiffany Smith, with the support of her daughter and denying all these accusations, simply denounced the conspiracy to the media, the motive of which, according to her, was “financial jealousy”. While the investigation is still ongoing, no trial is currently scheduled for 2023.

Source: Le Figaro

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