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What are Disney’s non-European princesses?

Not all Disney stories are set in Europe. Meet some!

Since the first film, Disney princesses have managed to win over a huge legion of fans around the world, winning over audiences thanks to their different stories, characteristics and personalities. However, it took the studio a few years to start diversifying the plots of these beloved characters.

It is for this reason that, if we stop to analyze, most of the princess stories created by the walt disney take place in different parts of Europe. But, do you know which characters are not European? We tell you!


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In real life, the city of Agrabah does not exist. It was actually created only as a representation to the countries of Arabia.


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Pocahontas is the first Disney princess to be inspired by historical fact. Both the story that inspired its creation and the plot take place in Jamestown, Virginia, located in the United States.


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Being the great heroine of her homeland, the entire plot of “Mulan” takes place in China.


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Jazz plays a large part in the plot of “The Princess and the Frog”. Therefore, the story could not take place anywhere other than the birthplace of this famous musical rhythm: New Orleans, in the United States.


Credit: Playback/Disney

Like Agrabah, the island of Moto Nui does not exist in real life either. The place, however, was inspired by Polynesia, and represents the tribes of these islands that are in the Pacific.

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